Book Review: Dad’s Doing Dinner

I have had the privilege to work with some amazing people over the years, but Paul is definitely in the top 10. Paul is fun, upbeat and focused.  In this new cookbook, Dad’s Doing Dinner, he is again blazing the trail for guys out there. Chefs are usually men, but in the home, helping out with the cooking has been a bit lacking.

I love his book, the premise of giving your partner a break but I think most importantly, it is showing your children that Dad’s at home matters. That maybe, Dad can do a bit more than just barbeques galore but have some fun in the kitchen. Nourishing his family both in the body and emotionally, Paul encourages dads to stand up and say “Hey I’m a Dad and a man and I matter at home.”

Either order his book, which you might have to contact them for international postage if you live outside New Zealand. Or follow his Facebook page where Paul is sharing fun events or recipes.

Either way, Dad’s can do dinner and make a difference in their family.



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