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How to Spot a Well-Made Pinstripe Suit

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mensstylecutting-1-of-8The most expensive element of a suit, by far, is the fabric used to make it. It takes roughly 3.5 yards of cloth to make a two-piece suit in a size 40, and a decent Italian wool is going to run at least $40-50/yard. When cutting the suit, therefore, manufacturers do whatever they can to cut down on fabric usage. This means carefully chalking the pattern pieces as closely together on the cloth as possible.

This is all fine and dandy for a suit with no pattern, but once you introduce a pinstripe (especially a wide gangster stripe like this one), the placement of the pattern pieces becomes crucially important to the look of the suit. It takes more time, effort and fabric (and is therefore more expensive) for a tailor to properly match the pinstripes across the pattern pieces. Next time you see a pinstripe suit, look closely, you…

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