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Your makeup needs covered under $50

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I constantly hear from women, particularly in Sydney, about their concerns over the cost of living and how they can afford makeup. My professional kit is worth thousands and even when I was running a production department the kit was worth over $20,000. Even on a professional level it is all about the budget. My budget is never infinite and neither is it for any professional makeup artist. Of course I have my favourite brands like Kryolan and Shiseido. This is my guide to keeping your kit full and budget for your makeup, as a professional would manage their kit.

The above photo is product I purchased for under $50. Some things I bought on special or got for free with a purchase. This is makeup I have used for professional shoots. Avon foundation is excellent and my preference as some companies have changed formulas. Essence eyeshadow is excellent quality recommended to me by another makeup artist. Think about your needs and get an inventory going for your own kit. An inventory helps you know what to buy.

Nails check how many bottles you have. If you have a lot, choose a few to use up. Buy a $2 pharmacy brand in an on trend colour. Store them correctly, if they are standing and shaken every so often, they will last. But keep them out of direct sunlight. Buy remover and cotton balls from Big W or similar.

Lipstick the key is to know your look. Are you a 2 lipstick person or a 5 lipstick person? Choose what you need and build up the kit from there using budget and sales tips.

Eyes can get expensive. So ask yourself what you need for work, social and casual. Again inventory is key. Mascara, some eyeliner and a few eye-shadows would be basic. If new to makeup stick with light neutrals that match your skin tone.

Summer a bit of bronze and a lip balm or lip-gloss is always fun for the weekends. Keep it light in application. We aren’t going for the Bora Bora holiday makeup look.

Skin can be simple with products. Such as a BB Cream, I use Revlon or a heavier foundation and a bit of powder. I prefer mineral foundation which can double as a powder when needed, the finish is beautiful.

These are your basics for a successful makeup kit. To save money and time, know what works for you. Err on the side of a lighter touch rather than a heavier touch if you are a newbie. The lighter, elegant touch is on trend at the moment and looks professional.