Paid TV Apps for iPad/iPhone

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There are some new kids on the block in Australia for entertainment. These apps will cover the Apple range nicely and at an affordable price. We have been trying them out for a couple of weeks and we will share our thoughts on the services. Our tip to enjoying this entertainment is to spread them over a few devices if you will be sharing. It saves arguments and hospital trips, for those of us that take our entertainment seriously.


Netflix can be found at .

First up, the pricing is fair. The customer pays per device and they offer bundles. 1 device is $8.99, 2 devices are $11.99 and 4 is $14.99. They offer a first month free trail to get you going and explore their product.

We put Netflix on our X-box and have enjoyed their movie selection. I discovered they are currently playing the TV show Downton Abbey and I am enjoying that in the evenings. We have found their product easy to use, download and install. The installation was smooth like most apps from the Apple store.


Quickflix can be found at .

The customer service was excellent when we had problems. But they are using an old model of posting DVDs as well as streaming available content. It is the TV show and Movie selection for streaming model but some new stuff is purchased on top of the monthly fee. Then the other problem was some things I wanted to watch were only on DVD. Seriously who can be bothered? They need to redo their business model because having a letter box as my new best friend to receive DVDs is not on my to-do-list.

Sometimes they offer a free trail to new customers. But until they get a better business model it wasn’t for us. We gave them the flick.


Presto can be found at

So far Presto has been my favourite because they are playing Endeavour. The show is a prequel to Morse which I found fascinating when the original series ran. The show Endeavour is well executed and Shaun Evans performance as a young Morse is believable.

Presto is the most expensive of the 4. At a whopping $14.99 a month for movies and TV shows, it won’t break the bank. The selection is comprehensive. They are currently offering a 30 day free trail and have a deal with Telstra for 1 hour free data per month. Me? I would get that in writing.  I would suggest if you had questions to pop into a Telstra shop re offer about the data. We have been happy with the product.


Stan can be found at

Stan is a sophisticated and well put together program. They offer complete TV series and are currently playing the original Twin Peaks. Stan is also playing complete movie franchises, which is a bonus for fans. We downloaded it from the Apple store with no issues and it is a keeper in our house. Enjoyable viewing.

They are offering a 30 day free trail at the moment. Some of their content is in HD, I’m not sure if that is all their content but I would presume not. For $10 a month their advert is stating up to 3 screens.

Our overall opinion of the apps is we will keep on 2 or 3. All of them offer no lock-in contracts. Do take advantage of the free trails to know what you like. But cancel at least 3 days before the trail ends if you don’t want to continue. This will avoid any computer glitches and paying for a product you don’t want.  These prices don’t include your data usage.