High Tech for Low Cost

There is the opportunity to have items that are high tech on a budget. For under a thousand dollars most of the budget can be met and with a couple of bonuses. Some items are very cheap at the moment because upgrades are out. I have picked products I know but if products you want have the requirements you need, then work on that. Stick to your budget and enjoy a high tech life.



Don’t buy a combo tv. The more combos there are on a TV the higher the chance of something going wrong and needing repairs. Basic is good. For a TV to have the ability to go high tech it needs HDMI, USB and outlets for gaming consoles. Go with LED, this will save electricity cost due to low energy usage.

With USB you can add Google Cromecast and it is then a smart TV. Apple TV has a similar function but compatibility would need to be checked.

I did a bit of research and found Hisense 60cm LED at The Good Guys for $220. This brand has a 3 year warranty.


XBOX 360

The Xbox console can be used for gaming and playing DVDs. It also has wifi capacity. The Gold membership is needed to access the apps. This includes free to air TV and Netflix. Netflix is $8.99 per month for 1 screen.

Their Gold membership is about $79.00 for 12 months. They offer a 1 month free trail and usually make a special offer during the trail period that is worthwhile. 2 free games per month are made available with the Gold.

The console offers a lot of entertainment. With the use of wifi, it covers gaming, DVDs and apps. YouTube is included in available apps.

I found a preowned one with 250gb and 3 month warranty. It was online with EB Gmes.


Smart Phone

A smart phone with Internet and Android capabilities is easier now too. The Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus is available as a prepaid phone with Telstra for $99.

If you want to unlock your phone with a company there is a cost involved, the amount varies from company to company. If on a very tight budget, like a student, stick with prepaid, data usage can be costly.



Laptops can be bought for about $200. They have wifi capability. Intel is the important element for a laptop. Do your research because they need to perform

Apple min iPad is a ringing deal the first model sells for about $200 on sale.

I found a new one currently on JBhifi for $299 . A refurbished one with 1 year warranty is about $259 from the Apple Store. Don’t buy a black market one on gumtree or Craigslist but do your research and be smart.

The benefit with the iPad mini is the camera for people who need to take photos plus the apps.


In summary, all these items would cover your needs. The Xbox Gold Membership is great. The console can then access apps and Netflix which is a bonus.

Look after the items, rotate them and let them have some time off. This will insure some decent usage out of your purchases. For under $1,000 and free games, you are on your way.

If you are unsure go to stores and get help. Do ask questions that is what they are paid to do, help customers.