Meeting Jason Momoa


I got to bump into Jason Momoa at a Comic Con event. I was with my husband and Jason chatted with us for 5 to 10 minutes. Simon normally writes about meeting people and so on. But you know I thought I would get all fan girl and share what it was like to meet Jason Momoa.

So for all the girls wondering, yes he is gorgeous. I have been in this business for a long time and all I could think was “oh my gosh you really are gorgeous” and I think the next thought was “you have amazing skin”. I know really professional, ha! But there you have it. The guy is 6’4″ and looks after himself and looks amazing. Once you get past that he is fun and articulate. We did get to watch his Q&A and he is engaging with the fans. He is entertaining and tells the stories about goings on behind the scenes that you want to hear.

Jason Momoa is attending Oz Comic Con on June 27th and June 28Th, 2015 in Melbourne. If you want to meet the real deal from Hollywood this event is for you. He has been in everything from Stargate to Game of Thrones. If you want a fan experience I did find Jason to be a strong personality and fun to be with. There is a range of events he is doing over the weekend so there’s a lot of choice. For a real fan experience attend his events. We would love to hear on our Facebook page of your experience too. So let us know in the comments below the article on the Facebook link. Have a blast and think of us or not.