Travel Blogs That’ll Inspire You to Hit the Road This Summer

Red Tricycle

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Travel and kids in the same lifetime?  We say, yes please! For parents determined to keep the adventures coming—even if it means with the kids in tow—we looked to our favorite travel blogs. They’ve got a been-there-done-that attitude promising to inspire you to take that trip already (even if it’s just to granny’s house and back.) From where to go and how to get there (think: kid-friendly destinations and pit stops for little ones), these blogs can help boost the kid-friendly travel factor and silence the “are we there yet?” backseat chorus.

Suitcases and Sippy Cups
There is nothing extraordinary about Jessica Bower, her husband and four kids. Which is why this blog is so special. It’s the diary of an ordinary, middle-class family who put their suburban life on hold in order to travel the world—on an average American middle-class budget. From tips on weekend camping trips to roadschooling kids Suitcases and Sippy Cups is…

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