Technology and Travel

imagePhoto courtesy of The Professional Hobo website


I enjoy travel and have traveled most of my life. I used the go somewhere and get a job and stay a while model. Other travel was a vacation  with family and friends. Now thanks to technology, a new model is becoming popular, it is not location dependent.

The Professional Hobo is run by Nora Dunn. She calls her travel, financially sustainable and gives accounts for each year of travel. Nora shares on her website that full-time travel began for her in 2007.  Her career is indeed location independent, her tips are savvy, giving her a lifestyle that some only dream about.

The Professional Hobo website includes financial pointers on saving for retirement. Nora offers a couple of e-books, as well as sharing other people’s stories on how they do it. I have found it to be a comprehensive website for the would be traveler.

And that is one of the plus sides to the Internet. It offers a platform to make money but also to follow blogs and see how others are doing it. There are even families on Nora Dunn’s website. They share their stories and blogs, as a means to sharing their lifestyle. Some families buy an RV or Kombi van on a continent and then repeat that pattern on another continent. Even if you don’t want to live this way, it does make entertaining reading.

My personal thoughts are that the availability of Internet worldwide puts these lifestyles into the reach of many. Apps can help keep track of banking or even fitness. Travel clothing is lighter, fashionable, making the safari suit of the 1930’s a thing of the past.



So, maybe it’s time to digress from others opinions of why it can’t be done. Make it your reality with the decision it can be done. Start with small weekly goals, do a lot of reading. Blogs are a great place to start because they are current and generally up to date. The fun is reading other people’s adventures, so there is no risk in reading their accomplishments or even failures. Finding what doesn’t work can be a good thing.

It could be time that instead of trashing social media and computers that fit in a phone, society can take a look at the possibilities thanks to technology.

You’ll be glad you did and happy travels.