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Fun with Fashion

To express yourself in fashion it shouldn’t just be fussy or event specific. There are times when everyone wants to let loose and have a bit of fun with their look. Maybe a collection of handbags or earrings is your thing and on a given day it’s time to take it out and take a fave piece out for a spin.





Fashion designer, Valentino, has come up with a fun design, his interpretation of the superhero Wonder Woman. His collection features clothing as well as handbags and shoes. Taking one of these handbags out for the evening would be a fun thing to do.



A smaller scarf looks cute around the neck or head as an accessory. A small scarf can look presentable for work and is an appropriate alternative to wearing a necklace. Some women do collect scarves and throws; these little numbers shouldn’t be overlooked as part of a collection.





The Vintage Tee, this classic has loads of options from denim to biker jackets and shorts. I don’t think a dollar is ever wasted on having a piece like this.



A bit of bling and glitter is popping up around the fashion circuit. To give it a twist experiment in how to use this look, to add a bit of pop your way, whether it’s shimmer in pants or glitter on shoes. Fun has its place and expressing yourself should be about you, your lifestyle and taste.





Stockings extend a wardrobe from summer to fall or winter to spring. Stockings and leggings are classic pieces that help achieve that goal, but something with a bit of a twist such as patterned stockings can make it a bit of fun while suiting styling requirements.



There you have it, some fun ideas. Reminding us all that fashion isn’t always about rules, but a bit of fun is a good thing too.




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