Halloween Cupcakes

These Halloween Cupcakes are da Bomb!
A good idea especially if you are an okay baker or cook but not great. Plus, gives the opportunity to create memories with your kids or family and get them involved. They can help stir the mix, pop it into cupcake wrappers, lick the wooden spoon and bowl, and put the cupcakes in the oven then help decorate.

I personally think Betty Crocker can be a lifesaver, enjoy!

Jessica Riga

As we approach the spookiest day on the October calendar, I thought now would be the perfect time to whip up a batch of Halloween inspired cupcakes to celebrate the season! Whether you’re off to a Halloween party, planning a scary movie night in, or just want to do something festive to mark the occasion, I think these Halloween cupcakes are such an easy yet effective way to get into the (spooky) spirit! I’m a big fan of using packet mixes from our good friend Betty Crocker, and since my Christmas Tree Brownies received so much positive feedback (both online and in real life) and my Valentine’s Day Brownies managed to rack up 458 likes here on WordPress, it’s clear others do too! So I decided to stick with that method for another holiday. Keep reading to find out how I made these Halloween cupcakes, and if you enjoy this post…

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