Pay What You Can

We endeavour to offer the magazine as a free and open source. We are a not-for-profit organisation.

Donations are appreciated and tax deductible in most countries. If you wish it to be tax deductible contact an accountant in your country, regarding minimum amounts and limits.

Our Vision

To offer an open and free online magazine. To offer a quality product where people are not restricted by subscriptions or what they can afford that month. We value equality. We wish to give people the opportunity to engage, to be on the same level, to be up to date with current events, and be unique.

We have worked hard on our editorial and team over the past 12 months. We commit to continue to do so. Our team are professionally trained individuals and your donations or payments go back into our workplace.

How do we use the money?

We have invested thousands in University qualifications, hardware and software.

We aim to provide a quality product. We are a registered Australian Business with an office in Adelaide, South Australia. Costs include ongoing legal fees, internet and utilities, the cost of paying and maintaining an office, as well as the monies involved in running this website.

A lot of time has gone into the development of the editorial and the skills involved to produce a quality product for the online community.

Thank you for stopping by and supporting Get Your Gorgeous On and we look forward to the next 12 months.